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happy birthday to you...   
04:09pm 07/11/2004
mood: bouncy
Somebody has a birthday today!!

Happy birthday, Abbey. We love you!

Ari and Zale

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Wing Day   
06:41pm 28/09/2004
mood: awake
So it was wing day at the cafeteria today. Clint came out and had wings with Bob, David, Brad and Zale. I'm kind of depressed that I missed it. Hopefully you guys ate some in honor of me. Rumor has it that my record of 24 wings in a half hour wasn't broken. Good to know a part of me is still with you guys. :)

Anyway, New York City is great. All of you guys should come visit. Not all at once, though. My apartment's too microscopic for so many visitors.

I miss you guys. Keep me posted on what's going on.


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Hey all.   
03:39pm 13/09/2004
mood: sad

No one updates anymore so I thought I would even though nothing is accurate about this journal anymore. I mean, even our icons are outdated. I’m not talking about the David and Hyatt one. Josh and I broke up, too. If you didn’t hear about that until now, sorry we didn’t fight online this time. Anyway I was thinking and I think we should make an effort to update this thing more, because I always feel like I’m the only one who actually tries. So, I thought I’d kick things off by updating everyone on everyone else’s relationshipal status. I typed this up once in paragraph form and it was damn good until a slight right-click deleted the whole shebang. So, I’ll try again, this time in boring list format. Sorry. In alphabetical order:

- Abbey is  longer with Nick, but is now with Zale. When did this happen? No one knows…
- Aidan still with Ethan. Rumor has it it’s been 6 years. Holy cow.

- Ainsley is dating Fin which is really cute because Fin’s never dated a girl before and the other day he asked Zale where he can put his hands. Uh. Seriously lack of interpretation there, folks.

- Alison is with Caleb. He’s our RHD, and Ains’ cousin. Josh was friends with him but I don’t think Caleb realized Josh wanted him. I don’t think Josh realized I knew that, either. Cat’s out now.

- Ariana is another Andreaux kid and she’s dating Clint which is cute. Rumor has it she might become Catholic so she can marry him and make non-kosher babies. Ari’s cool because she eats bacon.

- Bob is probably the nicest person ever and he’s marrying Shannon. I have no idea who Shannon is, but she’s pretty.

- David and Hyatt broke up awhile ago and David started dating a girl named Jaime. Unfortunately, it recently came to my attention that David still misses Hyatt. Since I still miss Joshua, we spent the last week or so consoling each other. That is, until last night, when… yeah. David? I’m sorry. I am.

- Evan is dating a dancer, at least that is according to his brother, Brad, but I don’t know if that’s a reliable source…? I bet he’s either still with his cello, Raquel, or he’s doing some major jonesing for Alison.

- Hyatt is engaged, much like Bob, to a girl who, much like Shannon, is quite pretty.

- Josh and I broke up. Rumor has it he’s seeing his ex again. I don’t know.

- Kipp, I’ve heard from sources, is dating Scott’s friend Kasey, whoever that is.

- Scott, on the other hand, is dating his boss, whose name is Greg, and is hot, at least according to the reliable newsource of Abbey and Zale.


Huh. I think that’s everyone. If I offended you, or miswrote your story or whatever, let me know. I just did this because I’m bored off my tush and I miss my friends. I’ve been trying not to shut myself out from the world since I took my most tragic loss, but I don’t know if my attempts have been successful or not. Anyway, I miss you guys, so please update. Also, please help me make David come out of his room once in awhile.


Josh, if you want to talk, I… I want to see you before you leave on Wednesday. Please.


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J'ai une question...   
02:05pm 11/03/2004
mood: curious
NOBODY UPDATES ANYMORE SO I'M GOING TO ONLY I'M GOING TO TYPE IN CAPS BECAUSE I CAN. UM. SO. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN WE GET OUR SCHEDULING INFO FOR NEXT SEMESTER? ALSO, DOES ANYONE WANT TO BE MY ROOMMATE? I'M GOING TO BE SANS JOSHUA AND I THINK THAT ugh, enough of the caps lock. Anyway, I was thinking about this, and about how Joshua won't be here and if he isn't here, I...might not get out as much as I do now and I wondered if anyone wanted to live with me. You know. Keep me involved in society. Um. So. Let me know. :-|

- Jacob

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03:53pm 21/01/2004
mood: amused
So I fell asleep in class today.

First time ever!

I wasn't even tired.

I didn't even realize it until the kid next to me shook me on his way out of class. I slept through the whole thing. The professor didn't seem to notice, though.

I'm oddly proud of myself. I feel like a real college student. :)


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03:40pm 21/01/2004
mood: cold
So the heater at work is broken but since it’s still under warranty, Frank wants to wait for the company to come and fix it for free. The Trahern boys were complaining that the heat in their dorm is off. Puh. Just come over here and fix construction equipment when your hands are so cold that you seriously think your fingers might fall off. I think Clint and I might be frostbitten. Seriously. I’m all for saving a buck or two, but this is ridiculous!

In other news, someone at school has been picking on my girl. If I hear any more about it, I’m thinking of organizing a posse to go take care of the jerk. Anyone interested in joining?

In even more news, Orlando Bloom needs to buy more orange juice. I had to drink cranberry juice this morning because someone drank the last of the oj and didn’t buy anymore. Now, I like cranberry juice and all, but it’s not really a satisfying orange juice substitute. Just thought I’d make that announcement… :)

Hope everyone is doing well.


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Why Doesn't Anyone Update Anymore?   
04:07pm 20/01/2004
mood: bored
So I was sitting here, staring at my computer when I realized something.
We hardly ever have new stuff to read on this thing. Alison and I spent about 900 hours last weekend reading back entries. So, I have a question:

Why doesn't anyone update anymore? Huh? Huh? It makes me sad. :(
I miss hearing about everyone's happenings and fights and mishaps and uh...

So update. Or whatever.

- Management (Abbey)

Island trip, anyone?

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04:03pm 17/01/2004
mood: scared
So I was walking down the streets of LA yesterday with Elijah Wood, and this mob of girls like, attacked us. Seriously. I need an f-in' bodyguard, because this one girl knocked me to the bloody ground!
Guess who that one was.

That's right.


Phineas!!! :'(

::cowers and cries::

I'll be home tomorrow, punk. I love you.


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Jacob's First Week   
11:09am 16/01/2004
mood: horny
So I skipped the first day because I had a tummyache and couldn't move.
- That afternoon, upon my mom & Josh's insistence, Orli took me home.
- That evening, I got my appendix taken out.
Tuesday, I slept.
Wednesday, I slept.
Thursday, I went home and I think I slept and ate something.
Friday morning & afternoon, I'm watching old television shows with my little sister, who skipped school to play nurse.
- Tonight, I'm hoping my boyfriend shows up and so we can make out. We'll make Adele leave for that, though, even though she is in love with Joshua. Hey, who isn't, right? Mmmm Joshua...

- Jacob

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For Kipp   
04:56pm 04/01/2004
mood: uncomfortable
Happy birthday, Kipp.

I love you.


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