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So the heater at work is broken but since it’s still under warranty, Frank wants to wait for the company to come and fix it for free. The Trahern boys were complaining that the heat in their dorm is off. Puh. Just come over here and fix construction equipment when your hands are so cold that you seriously think your fingers might fall off. I think Clint and I might be frostbitten. Seriously. I’m all for saving a buck or two, but this is ridiculous!

In other news, someone at school has been picking on my girl. If I hear any more about it, I’m thinking of organizing a posse to go take care of the jerk. Anyone interested in joining?

In even more news, Orlando Bloom needs to buy more orange juice. I had to drink cranberry juice this morning because someone drank the last of the oj and didn’t buy anymore. Now, I like cranberry juice and all, but it’s not really a satisfying orange juice substitute. Just thought I’d make that announcement… :)

Hope everyone is doing well.

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