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Hey all.

No one updates anymore so I thought I would even though nothing is accurate about this journal anymore. I mean, even our icons are outdated. I’m not talking about the David and Hyatt one. Josh and I broke up, too. If you didn’t hear about that until now, sorry we didn’t fight online this time. Anyway I was thinking and I think we should make an effort to update this thing more, because I always feel like I’m the only one who actually tries. So, I thought I’d kick things off by updating everyone on everyone else’s relationshipal status. I typed this up once in paragraph form and it was damn good until a slight right-click deleted the whole shebang. So, I’ll try again, this time in boring list format. Sorry. In alphabetical order:

- Abbey is  longer with Nick, but is now with Zale. When did this happen? No one knows…
- Aidan still with Ethan. Rumor has it it’s been 6 years. Holy cow.

- Ainsley is dating Fin which is really cute because Fin’s never dated a girl before and the other day he asked Zale where he can put his hands. Uh. Seriously lack of interpretation there, folks.

- Alison is with Caleb. He’s our RHD, and Ains’ cousin. Josh was friends with him but I don’t think Caleb realized Josh wanted him. I don’t think Josh realized I knew that, either. Cat’s out now.

- Ariana is another Andreaux kid and she’s dating Clint which is cute. Rumor has it she might become Catholic so she can marry him and make non-kosher babies. Ari’s cool because she eats bacon.

- Bob is probably the nicest person ever and he’s marrying Shannon. I have no idea who Shannon is, but she’s pretty.

- David and Hyatt broke up awhile ago and David started dating a girl named Jaime. Unfortunately, it recently came to my attention that David still misses Hyatt. Since I still miss Joshua, we spent the last week or so consoling each other. That is, until last night, when… yeah. David? I’m sorry. I am.

- Evan is dating a dancer, at least that is according to his brother, Brad, but I don’t know if that’s a reliable source…? I bet he’s either still with his cello, Raquel, or he’s doing some major jonesing for Alison.

- Hyatt is engaged, much like Bob, to a girl who, much like Shannon, is quite pretty.

- Josh and I broke up. Rumor has it he’s seeing his ex again. I don’t know.

- Kipp, I’ve heard from sources, is dating Scott’s friend Kasey, whoever that is.

- Scott, on the other hand, is dating his boss, whose name is Greg, and is hot, at least according to the reliable newsource of Abbey and Zale.


Huh. I think that’s everyone. If I offended you, or miswrote your story or whatever, let me know. I just did this because I’m bored off my tush and I miss my friends. I’ve been trying not to shut myself out from the world since I took my most tragic loss, but I don’t know if my attempts have been successful or not. Anyway, I miss you guys, so please update. Also, please help me make David come out of his room once in awhile.


Josh, if you want to talk, I… I want to see you before you leave on Wednesday. Please.

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